Abilene’s early settlers saw the big potential of the city and widely promoted it, giving its nickname “Big Country.” It didn’t take long for the town to transform from what was mainly grassland to a bustling city. It also became the county seat of Taylor County. In a way, it’s kind of like storage containers.


From once being just thought of as an empty metal box that transported cargo has now grasped the attention of many to transform these steel boxes into almost anything from sheds, to mobile offices, to even homes. The Friendly Frontier is no stranger to creativity and innovation. That’s why it’s always a joy providing our storage container services to Abilene homeowners, business owners, government agencies, and more.

Buying a Storage Container in Abilene

If you need extra storage at your home or office, or are planning on adding a permanent structure on your property, opt for a storage container solution. We have a wide selection of new and used shipping containers ranging in sizes from 20’ to 40’.

The perks about buying a storage container is it’s 100% yours and you can do whatever you want with it. This includes modifying it over and over again for different uses. Storage containers are extremely durable. They’re made of Corten steel making them withstand extreme weather conditions and bear a lengthy longevity. Additionally, you’re being eco-friendly by recycling or upcycling an old product. 

Cargo containers can be used for:

Storage containers are an easy, quick, and cost-effective way for convenient home or business storage solutions. We have everything you need for your shipping container solution at Kickbox. 

Abilene Shipping Container Rentals

Sometimes you may find you just need extra storage space temporarily. Construction sites, decluttering your home, organizing your office, etc. are better fit for renting a shipping container. If this sounds more like you, you’re in luck because we lease our shipping containers too! Whether you need it for a single month or a few months, we got you covered with safe and secure shipping containers.

Our shipping container rental sizes include:

Our container rentals are ideal for shipping and storage solutions. We have an easygoing leasing process offering flexibility and affordable rates. We’ll deliver your storage container rental right to your door making it super convenient for you to access it whenever you want. 

Storage Container Modification Services in Abilene

Like the transformation of the Texas-Pacific Railway Depot and the Grace Cultural Center, our shipping containers can be transformed too! Storage containers are so versatile that you can nearly add any modification to it to transform it into something almost unrecognizable. 

Here’s a list of just a few storage container modifications:

The possibilities are endless. If you have an idea, we’d love to hear it and work with you to make your vision a reality!


Custom Container Mobile Offices

Setting up shop in Abilene is a fine endeavor. From Paramount to Adams-Spalding Storybook Garden to Beehive Restaurant Saloon to Red Bud Park and everything else in between, who wouldn’t want to live, work, and play in Abilene?!

If you’re starting a business, have a pop-up shop, expanding your business, or the like, we offer convenient and cost efficient container mobile office solutions for you! We have office space layouts for you to choose from that are suitable for quick mobile office solutions. Options to buy or rent are available!

Call Kickbox for Premium Storage Container Solutions in Abilene, TX

At Kickbox, we provide personalized customer service to ensure your needs are met and you’re 100% satisfied. As members of the NPSA and AGC, we’re dedicated to providing ethical, safe, and reliable services and storage container solutions in Abilene. Get a quick FREE quote now or call us at 806-410-1970 to get started.



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