Storage Container Rentals

Here at Kickbox Storage, we specialize in storage container rentals throughout Texas and New Mexico. Our lease units are available in 40’ High Cube, 40’ Standard and 20’ Standard.  You will appreciate our competitive prices and outstanding customer service as we strive to connect you with the best option possible.

There are many reasons why clients choose to rent storage containers instead of purchase them. Perhaps your organization only needs the container for a short period of time. Or maybe there is uncertainty of the type and size needed and prefer to lease it for a whil and prefer to rent for a while to test it out. Maybe the business needs temporary extra storage space, or you’re a contractor in the construction business. Whatever the case, we can supply you with the units you need at the price you can afford.


In general, when you need a container for a few months, it’s more economical to rent. If you need it for more than a year, purchasing may be the way to go.

Our service area includes:

  • Lubbock TX
  • Dallas/Fort Worth TX
  • Bowie TX
  • Wichita Falls TX
  • New Mexico

Benefits of Renting Storage Containers

There are many advantages to renting storage containers, whether you’re a home or a business owner. 

  • Cost effective
  • Best for short term
  • Saves space
  • Reliable security
  • Rent and use as needed
  • Ability to change your mind at any time
  • Variety of types to choose from
  • Tax benefits
  • No maintenance required
  • Ability to stack containers
  • Access to customer service and expertise

if you find yourself in need of a storage container unit, get in touch with us to learn about our many size and layout options. Whether you want a container to keep your business inventory organized or you need temporary storage due to a house move, we can help. 

We cater to the following industries:

  1. Oil and gas
  2. Education
  3. Sports and recreation
  4. Construction
  5. Medical (COVID-19 testing sites, labs, etc.)
  6. Housing
  7. Mining
  8. Ranching
  9. Manufacturing

Why Choose Kickbox?

There are many reasons why customers just like you choose Kickbox Storage for their storage container rental needs: 

  • Free quotes
  • Variety of floor plans and layouts
  • Variety of types and sizes
  • Specialize in office containers, storage containers and custom builds
  • Seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and quality.
  • Proud member of NPSA and AGC

In the end, you can choose us with confidence to produce professional, functional storage solutions. Allow us to bring our skills and extensive experience to your next project!

Contact Kickbox Storage

To get a free quote on our storage container rentals through Texas or New Mexico, contact us at 806-410-1970. We would be happy to connect you with the proper storage container rental to meet your unique needs. 


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