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Burkburnett is a small town in Wichita County, TX that was established in 1907. Roughly 11,500 people reside in this charming small town most of whom work blue-collar jobs and live a modest lifestyle. Despite its lowkey vibe, Burkburnett actually once was the center of attention for its rich resource of oil. It drew tons of people into the area to profit from the oil industry, giving it the nickname Boomtown USA!

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In fact, Burk was the inspiration for a short story, published in a 1939 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine,entitled “​​A Lady Comes to Burkburnett”, which was later the inspiration for the 1940 movie Boom Town. As a shipping container company, we appreciate a good historical story like this as our products have also made history in revolutionizing the shipping industry.

Burkburnett Storage Container Services

We’re proud to serve the people and businesses of Burkburnett with high quality storage containers. Customer satisfaction is our priority. When you work with the professionals at Kickbox, you’ll always receive honest, respectful, and helpful customer service. Our goal is to find you a solution for your shipping or storage needs in Burkburnett with our prime storage container services, which are as follows:

Shipping Container Rentals

Cargo containers are a convenient and affordable option for temporary storage solutions. We’re flexible with our leasing options offering short-term and long-term services. Our shipping container rentals come in 40’ high cubes and 40’ or 20’ standard containers with available safety locks.

Shipping Container Sales

We offer a variety of different sizes and styles of containers for sale from 20’ standard containers to 40’ high cube containers. Storage containers are great options for permanent solutions because they are versatile, durable and affordable. Homeowners repurpose them as garden sheds, mancaves, and garages. In fact, if supported properly, these metal boxes can be used for tornado shelters, which is a bonus considering Burkburnett is in tornado alley.

Shipping Container Modifications

Our skills and creativity are as abundant as our modifications. If you have an idea, we can design and build it with our profound knowledge and expertise of materials and installations. Alter your storage container by choosing from a variety of options including windows, doors, locks, cabinets, shelving, flooring, and so much more. 

Mobile Office Solutions

We’ve worked with many industries in need of mobile offices including construction, medical, industrial, and more. It’s a fast, effective, and affordable temporary solution for your business to continuously operate efficiently. We have several layouts to choose from. We can customize your floor plan too. 

Our Texas storage container company provides convenient and affordable storage solutions with perks of flexibility and durability. We strive to supply you with what you need with proficiency and speed. We can even arrange same-day deliveries on certain orders! 

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Whether you live in the industrialized area of Highway 240 or in the southern rural area by Gilbert Creek, we can deliver your shipping container hassle-free. With years of experience and a reputable standing, you can rely on us for high quality shipping container services in Burkburnett. Grab a FREE quote today by simply filling out our online form. You can also call us at 806-410-1970.



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