5 Ways to Upcycle Old Storage Containers

Did you know that you can upcycle storage containers to give them a new life?

There’s more than 17 million shipping containers in the world right now, but only about six million of them are active in carrying freight on boats, trucks and trains. In years past, all those retired shipping containers would waste away in a junk yard somewhere, getting rusty and serving no purpose.

Upcycling to Give New Life

But now in an age of eco-friendliness, more and more people are recycling those containers so they can get a new lease on life. Check out these creative ways people are upcycling shipping containers.

Cute Homes

With new construction homes being insanely expensive right now, it stands to reason that people would turn to shipping containers to make a more affordable home. Such units represent a cheap and reliable way of building that also means they’re quite reliable. Makes sense. After all, shipping containers were made to withstand the toughest of elements – even on the ocean. You can cut and stack containers to make a small home, cozy cottage or even a luxury home. 


Retail Units

If you’re a retail business, you can use containers to build your own retail shop, boutique, restaurant, bar, coffee shop or office. Speaking of coffee shops, you can even make a drive-through unit where people don’t have to get out of their cars to get their morning cup of joe. Pop-up restaurants are conducive to shipping container units because they can be built very quickly with very little carbon footprint. Plus, you can move them around as needed. 


You can place a shipping container right in your yard or on your business lot and use it for storage. They make great storage sheds and garages, and provide excellent protection for anything from lawn equipment to tools. You can further customize your unit with doors, windows, locks and even AC systems – all within a unit that’s built to be durable and secure.


You can upcycle storage containers by turning them into a playground. Shipping containers can be placed together and turned into playgrounds for kids and adults. Such multi-functional playgrounds can feature anything from climbing elements and trampolines to slides and ball pits. You can also add lounges, balconies and viewing areas where parents can watch over their kids as they play. While you’re at it, you can add arcade games, prizes and refreshment areas as well.

Data Centers

One big innovative use of shipping containers is to convert them into data centers for your business. As you know, such centers can take up a lot of space in your main building. By converting shipping containers into off-site data centers, you can free up space while offering a secure and private spot for your most confidential information.

Also known as shipping container server storage or modular data centers, you can assemble these units at one location, load them for transport and set them up at the desired site. You can customize them with cooling systems to offset the large amounts of heat which can be a danger to data center locations.


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